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Models for a high-end kitchen

Models for a high-end kitchen


Would you like to treat yourself to a luxury and prime kitchen? A high-end or luxury kitchen is specially designed as a true living space, designed according to your habits and the particularities of your home. It is not just a simple function and enclosed space reserved to the preparation and enjoyment of meals. It is also a place for exchange and shared moments, of life and convivial moments, a place where you can cook, eat, relax, have fun and even work.



Designed from superior quality materials, your future high-end or luxury kitchen can be made to measure, ready to fulfil all your needs and desires. It will be fitted out according to the following criteria:


  • Personalisation:while high-end kitchens offer a wide variety of furniture, finishing materials and all kinds of different options, luxury kitchens can be adapted to all your requirements. If the material you wish to incorporate is not in the catalogue, we will source it for you. If you need custom-made furniture according to the dimensions of your interior, we will build the exact kitchen according to the specificities of the area you wish to dedicate to it.
  • Materials and finishing touches:you will usually find many noble materials and refined finishes in your high-end kitchens in the catalogue, high-quality equipment, and premium design. Luxury kitchens, on the other hand, always offer only the finest materials with infinite robustness and incredible elegance. Combine noble materials with solid wood, stainless steel or even concrete for a result that suits and looks like you! All the finishing touches have been studied under a magnifying glass in order to fully match you and your needs while being pleasing both visually, and to the touch.
  • Innovation:we offer our clients a panel of recent technologies for high-end kitchens. You will have the technologies of the future directly at your disposal by choosing a luxury kitchen. Technologies may concern manufacturing, a new type of storage, innovative opening systems (automatic or mechanical), new materials, or a carefully selected appliance from the top brands.
  • Service:kitchen suppliers can no longer be described as salesmen, sales representatives or designers who have moved to the level of high-end kitchens. At the luxury kitchens’ level, the appropriate terminology would be cabinetmakers and interior designers. Your kitchen becomes a real project, where the desired result is really your dream kitchen according to your needs. Delivery, fitting and appliances are usually included in the price of your luxury kitchen, but this is not necessarily the case for your high-end kitchen.
  • Discretion:the higher up you go in terms of kitchen equipment ranges, the more the furniture has the ability to blend in with the decor thanks to superior quality materials that make your interior truly unique! Luxury kitchens, on the other hand, can offer furniture that is so fine and discreet that it can be mistaken for the decoration or furniture in the living room. You can combine the tones and colours of your kitchen equipment with other parts of the house. Chose a pure Italian design and no more visible appliances and impurities from low-end equipment!

What style should you choose for your high-end kitchen ?


Luxury and high-end kitchens have been looking more and more alike over the years. Whether modern or older, whatever its country of origin, differences can still be marked. The main suppliers offering atypical and choice luxury kitchens are the French, Italian and German ones. However, Italian kitchen tops and covers seem to be the most prized, sumptuous, and elegant of all styles.


Italian luxury kitchens, elegance at its very best: Italian designer kitchens are renowned the world over for their sobriety, clean aesthetics and superior quality finishes. They favour a minimalist style but this does not mean that high-end Italian-style kitchens are lacking in functionality and innovation. Italian designers have understood very quickly the challenge posed by a high-quality kitchen: it must be practical and user-friendly. They, therefore, designed each piece of furniture according to needs and location while retaining efficient but discreet storage capacities. Italian premium kitchens are particularly good in terms of innovation. In fact, many Italian designers choose and present their clients with high quality, custom-made materials coming from mixing different materials, for an elegant, robust and magnificent result.

Prices of a high-end kitchen


A luxury or high-end kitchen is characterised by its unique finish. Designed according to your habits and made with choice materials, noble and of very high quality, the price of this custom-made kitchen must meet up with the level of your expectations. Make no mistake, a high price is not equivalent to overpricing, the quality/price ratio of these kitchens is undoubtedly much better than you might think! At the high-end kitchen manufacturer, it is not just kitchen designers who are at work, but rather real interior architects and designers who consider your order as a real architectural and design project. You meet commercial kitchen designers in the mid-range kitchen chains. Here, the preferred materials are of the best manufacture, with unique and luxurious finishes to match your interior in order to have the best kitchen design. There are two main categories of kitchens:


  • High-end kitchen: At this level, your equipment is delivered and installed while appliances are also sometimes included in the final price.
  • Luxury kitchen: This is a very “closed circle” of kitchens, the premium price includes delivery and installation costs of the kitchen itself but, usually, also the cost of appliances.