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What are the trendy colours for a kitchen ?

What are the trendy colours for a kitchen ?

Much more than just a room in which exceptional food or tasty dishes are prepared, today’s kitchen are a real living space. It’s a place where we gather, dine, have lunch, but above all, it’s a place where we unleash our creativity! For all these reasons, we expect it to be spacious and functional but, above all else, warm and friendly. Therefore, to make your kitchen a place where one feels good, it is essential to pay particular attention to the harmony between colours and materials.

The purity of white


The white colour is a must in the kitchen, where it will bring a feeling of space and give it an incredible brightness. Classical and sober, white goes perfectly well with raw materials such as stone, marble, or wood. Choosing white kitchen furniture and dressing it with more elaborate walls or flooring allows you to create a combination which always make an impression.


If you want a more modern design, you can simply combine white, whether lacquered or matt, with touches of black which will bring refinement and elegance to a worktop or a wall. If you prefer a more country-chic look, choose wood instead. Whether it adorns your walls, floor, worktop, or central island, it will enhance your white furniture and give character and warmth to your kitchen. Using white paint for your walls also allows you to bring out your wooden-coloured elements. You can also arrange a few plants to bring your kitchen to life and accentuate its country feel.


On top of its inherent elegance, a white kitchen has the advantage of allowing for the use of varied-coloured tableware or decorations that will automatically be highlighted.


The charms of dark colours


Giving your kitchen a dark side can only accentuate its charm. If it is opened towards the living room, harmonising the colours of both rooms will give an impression of continuity that, in turn, will give the whole space all the depth it deserves. The most important thing with a dark kitchen is to choose your lighting meticulously. Let yourself be captivated by the shades of dark blue such as navy blue, midnight blue, or petrol blue to dress your walls and create a feeling of depth. Spruce green is also ideal if you want a sober but colourful kitchen. Like white, these colours will enhance any material, especially if you use them to embellish your walls.


Shades of grey, brown, taupe, or even black represent the pinnacle of elegance. A black marble worktop, anthracite grey storage units or a taupe dining table ensure a kitchen full of character, classy and timelessness.


Although black is a bold choice for a kitchen, it gives authenticity and conviviality to your room when combined with wood. It will also bring a professional touch when combined with stainless steel.

The ardour of warm colours


Screaming with conviviality, warm colours have their rightful place in your kitchen. When used tactfully, they will bring cheerfulness and warmth to your interior. Choose colourful utensils or chairs that will contrast with the minimalism and simplicity of the rest of the kitchen. In a sober and elegant kitchen, you can dare to add touches of colour. Choose rust, pastel, shades of green or mustard yellow.


Combined with a waxed concrete worktop, a grey floor and wooden furniture, brick colour is ideal if you want to give your kitchen an industrial look. For a more English style, just add a few red accessories to a white and wood ensemble.


You can also choose rust-coloured or golden lampshades that will go beautifully with darker walls, giving them both lustre and class.


For a kitchen that suits you entirely and to guarantee you a perfect combination of materials and colours, do not hesitate to contact our professionals who will be able to advise you in the best possible way.